Make RuneScape Money By Flipping

Guide On How To Make Money In RS3 and OSRS

Make RuneScape Money By Flipping

In real life, flipping or trading does not happen quite often compared to centuries ago where it was the only way to acquire and profit from goods and services.

Nowadays you don’t have to travel via the Silk Road to become rich. It’s enough for you to relax and enjoy the game while RuneScape gold continues to rise in your vault.

Flipping is like investing where you should buy low, sell high. It’s like the stock market, but it does not crash.

Flipping, like any other RuneScapeskill, requires practice and having the best information.

Here are some items you might want to look out for when you decide to flip items to earn RuneScape money:        

  • Ranaar seed      
  • Super restore   
  • Saradomin brew
  • Zulrah’s scales  
  • Revenant cave teleport
  • Cannonball          
  • Air orb 

Flipping Tips:

A good rule when you decide to flip items – don’t go all out. Not on a single item, not at all.

When you are just starting out, invest only the amount of gold you can afford to lose. Flipping is not something you can master overnight and spending all your gold on items you cannot flip or use can cause you a lot of stress.

Be always in the know about the upcoming updates and think about what items can increase or decrease in price. If a RuneScape item’s price is going to tank, you want to sell it ASAP.