Make RuneScape Money Slaying Avianses

Guide On How To Make Money In RS3 and OSRS

Make RuneScape Money Slaying Avianses

This particular gold making method is a great way to build up your RuneScape wealth. You can hit two birds with one stone by slaying avianses. The reason for this is that not only will you be making tons of gold but you will also obtain tons of Ranged Experience that can help improve your character’s skill.

Aviansies are majestic monsters loyal to Armadyl locked in the eternal battle against forces of Zamorak in God Wars Dungeon.

As such, you can ambush each one of them and take their loot. Since Aviansies can fly, you cannot hit them with a melee.

You can use Magic, but we highly recommend using Ranged. especially if you have a Toxic Blowpipe.

Using a Toxic Blowpipe will increase your profits, and it will help increase your Ranged XP gains even more.

For the scrooges of OSRS, we recommend using the best crossbow available. It will reduce Ranged XP gains, but you will not be losing gold on Zulrah’s scales.  

Recommended stats:    
60 Agility or Strength to enter the dungeon        
70 (80) Ranged 
70 Defense        

Don’t forget to bring food and your gear!

For better slaying, wear an Armadyl-affiliated piece of clothing or have a Zamorak-related item. Otherwise, every creature in the area will be very aggressive towards your RuneScape character.